Friday, August 17, 2012

Colin is 7 Months Old!

I should call this the 7 1/2 month update, because that's how far behind I am!

We have been having the best summer!  Seeing lots of friends and family and bouncing from one beach to another.  We were lucky enough to spend a few days with my best friend and roommate from high school, Megan, and her two little kids, who are 3 1/2 and 1.  They are adorable, and it was great (if a bit crazy) to hang out with all the kids together.  We've visited with both sets of grandparents, and spent the week in Maine with my parents, my sister and her family. 

I spend considerably less time on the beach baking in the sun and more time cleaning sand out of Colin's mouth, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Colin loves the beach.  He likes to be held standing at the edge of the water and stomping his feet, he likes to sit in tide pools and splash, and most of all he likes to eat sand.  The delicious organic peas I lovingly steamed and mashed for him, he does not care for, but he can't get enough sand. 

The adventures in solid foods have been going well, aside from the aforementioned peas.  Bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, avocado, watermelon and cantaloupe have all gone over well.  He did not get to eat this lobster, but he was certainly interested in what the heck it was. 

Some major changes happened this week.  A tooth!  A new car seat!  Scooting at lightening speed towards whatever is dirtiest/most dangerous/breakable!  We knew the tooth was imminent because you could see the actual outline through the gums and he was chewing even more than normal, if that's possible.  He has also been sleeping in far shorter increments at night, but who am I to blame the poor guy if his teeth hurt and he wants a midnight (and 2 AM, and 4 AM) snack.  I think I've spent more time sleeping in the chair in the nursery than my own bed in the past week. 

A few likes and dislikes:
Likes: ceiling fans, flags, digital clocks, other people brushing their teeth, water bottles, things to chew, laughing hysterically at anything Jon does

Dislikes: getting in the car seat, peas

All in all, another amazing month with the world's best (and biggest) baby. 


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