Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cucumber Coolers

In this steamy weather, I'm craving cold, refreshing drinks.  Smoothies are a mainstay of our lunch menu, and these cucumber coolers were super hydrating.  We've been getting a lot of cucumbers from our CSA, and while I like salads and pickles as much as the next girl, it's good to change it up.  Plus, a certain 3yo I know claims not to like cucumbers.  His younger brother, on the other hand, will eat anything he can get his hands on- food or not.  I'm happy to say both of them happily drank these.

The blueberries were also fresh from Tangerini's Farm.  I dragged the kids out to pick in the 90 degree heat one afternoon last week.  The aisle we walked down was next to an anti-bird machine which periodically screeched to deter birds from eating the berries.  A relaxing sound.  Colin's basket was perpetually empty, and I had to supply James with a steady stream of berries, but we came home with a few pints and have been enjoying them all week.

Cucumber Coolers
1 cucumber, peeled
equal part fruit (blueberries, strawberries)
1/2 cup yogurt
water, as needed, to get the blender going
handful of ice cubes, if using fresh fruit

Blend, pour, and drink!

And if these don't cool you down, I recommend a float in the pool.


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