Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turkey Burgers with Apple and Barbecue Sauce

I'm guessing you don't need anyone to tell you how to make a burger.  Whether you like beef, turkey, chicken, bison, tuna or veggie, I'm willing to bet you have a recipe that works for you.  I like them all.  One of the reasons I like burgers is because they are all about the toppings, and if you saw my refrigerator door, you would know that I am no stranger to condiments. 

That being said, I will not bore you with directions to make burgers, only say that these are turkey burgers and I went with the oven baked cooking approach.  And half the reason I used that cooking method was because I already had the oven on to bake the sweet potatoes.  We're all about multi-tasking around these parts. 

What I will share are the toppings, because they were good.  Melted cheddar cheese (on top of and under the burger), barbecue sauce, sliced apples and romaine lettuce.  My taste tester commented that they would have gone to a whole new level if we added bacon, so keep that in mind. 


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