Friday, May 11, 2012

Four Months Later

Four months have gone by since we welcomed this tiny guy into the world.

He's much less tiny now (up to 18 pounds!), and has a whole personality that lights up the room. 

I spend my time with a little wiggly, kicky, almost rolling, baby cooing, toothless grinning, chewing on everything, giggling bundle of joy.  

Although I could certainly go on and on about how wonderfully amazing he is, and how he brings me immeasurable happiness every moment of the day, this month I wanted to share some of my favorite baby items.  I know some of you are expectant moms, or have friends who are, so these might be baby shower ideas!

Baby K'tan - This wrap is probably the single best baby item I own.  As Colin has gotten a little bigger and more independent, I don't rely on it quite as much as I used to, but there were many weeks when I wore him in it for the bulk of the day.  I would wash it in the middle of the night because I couldn't be without it for even a few hours!  It easily fits in the diaper bag, isn't bulky to wear, and he loves snuggling up in it.  My hands are free to shop, cook, eat, or whatever.  Even now when he's getting a little fussy and wants to be held, I'll hold it up and ask if he wants to get in it and he gives me a big smile. 

Ergo Baby - My other carrier.  It took a little while for us to get the hang of it, but now I love it.  It's easy to wear when I'm out shopping, and the design makes it comfortable for a long walk, even if you are carrying the world's biggest baby.  Lately I've been wearing it to the market, and all the old people stop me to admire the baby and make comments about taking him home.  That probably has more to do with the baby and less with the carrier, though. 

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper - This was a baby shower gift from another mother, and I still use it daily.  At first it was nice to give Colin a place to nap anywhere.  As I mentioned before, he had some reflux symptoms early on, so he actually slept in it for several weeks at night.  He seemed to like that it was cozy and snug, and I liked that it was easy to get him in and out, and I could easily reach over in the middle of the night and rock him or rub his tummy. 

Sophie Giraffe - Touted as the world's best teething toy, I believe it.  My mom learned about Sophie when she saw a baby playing with one at a restaurant and loving it.  As soon as I gave it to Colin, he shoved it in his mouth.  It's pretty much been there ever since.  Sophie is designed so that she is easy for little hands to hold, and easy to chew on.  There was a dicey moment last week when I thought she had been misplaced, and I was fully prepared to order a new one, but I'm happy to report she is safe and sound.  I think Sophie would be a fantastic baby shower gift.

Carter's Onesies -  Day or night, Colin always has one of these onesies on under his clothes.  Or as his clothes, depending on where the day has taken us.  Of all the brands we have, Carter's fit the best, have the best shape, are soft, and stand up to many, many washes.  They are a must have!


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