Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone to Alaska!

I'll be in Alaska for the next week, so I won't be posting.  I am so excited, I expect it won't be like any place I've been before, and we have lots of cool things planned.  I'll be away from the internet, but will be taking tons of pictures, and hopefully eating a lot of king crab and wild salmon!

If you need some reading material while I'm gone, check out some of my favorite blogs.  I have a ton of blogs bookmarked in my google reader, but these are the ones I read first every day. 

Eat Live Run -
Jenna is such a sweetheart, and a great blogger!  She is a fabulous cook and baker, and just bought herself sparkle shoes for her birthday.

Peas and Thank You -
One of the funniest blogs I read, and you get to see photos of her adorable kids!  She's a vegan, and shares excellent, family-friendly recipes.  Also, she admits to wearing yoga pants all day, kind of like me. 

The Sartorialist -
One of the best fashion blogs out there.  Everyone looks effortlessly stylish and gorgeous.


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