Monday, July 4, 2011

Grilled Barbecue Chicken

After a wonderful beach day on Saturday, we came back home Sunday night.  Today I opened my book and dumped sand all over my lap, which is a good gauge of the weekend.

Grilling barbecue chicken can be tricky.  It's easy to burn the sauce and overcook the meat, so it takes a little finesse with the grill.  Jon was in charge, as always, and used an indirect cooking method.

We used boneless skinless chicken breasts, although I've read bone-in, skin-on is easier to grill and more traditional.  He started by sprinkling the chicken with a barbecue rub, just a mixture of spices.  He set the grill up with the coals concentrated under one half to create a section of direct heat and indirect heat.  To initially sear the chicken, cook for a couple minutes on each side close to the hot coals.  This will give you nice grill marks and seal in the juices.  Then move the meat to the non-coal side of the grill for indirect cooking, basting with sauce on each flip.  Finally, after about 20 minutes, cook over the coals for a couple minutes just to carmalize the sauce.  It was delicious, but tragedy struck on the way in from the grill.
That would be a lovely chicken breast dropped onto the ground.  The ground that had been recently treated for grubs.  There was no saving it.  It was sad.  

On the side we had Kale Chips and Radish and Japanese Turnip Slaw with Creamy Dill Dressing.  Recipes for both coming tomorrow!


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