Friday, June 29, 2012

New CSA Pickup

Pretty much every time I've talked about Tangerini's Farm since last April, I've mentioned that I'm looking forward to the time when Colin can eat ice cream when we go to our CSA pickup.  Jon thinks I'm crazy for this, and many other reasons.  Colin is not quite there yet (although we are discussing giving bananas a try), so instead I longingly look at the ice cream stand as we pass by at the farm.  I don't want to be that girl attempting to eat ice cream while my baby uses all his strength and energy lunging himself at said ice cream.  At least when I go with Jon he'll take care of the important things, like paying, so I can take care of keeping ice cream out of Colin's reach. 

We picked up our second batch of CSA vegetables this week, but no ice cream.  There are, however, a ton of delicious looking vegetables I'm looking forward to cooking and eating.  We have here the largest head of lettuce I've ever seen (and we got two!), chinese cabbage, kale, garlic scapes, summer squash, pickling cucumbers, kohlrabi, and japanese turnips.  Not pictured because I forgot to take them out of the bag are the sugar snap peas, basil and parsley.  My plans include kale chips (of course), a spicy coleslaw, a salad with apple, kohlrabi and japanese turnips, a tiny batch of refrigerator pickles with those tiny cucumbers, roasted squash, and green goddess dressing.  Will be sure to share everything that turns out well!


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