Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Minute Lunch - Salad with Poached Egg

I can't eat sandwiches every day for lunch, I get totally burned out on them.  I am fortunate to eat lunch at home, so I can pull something together at the last minute, but this would also be great for a super fast supper when you get home late.
This was just a simple bed of baby spinach and a few grape tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and this fancy vinegar I received as a gift.  Any kind of light vinegar would work on this, though.
Then I poached one egg.  To be honest, my husband made this egg, because he is the egg master in our house.  I have a snazzy little insert for a pan that makes perfectly shaped poached eggs, but you can also make them by cracking an egg into a little bowl and gently transferring it to simmering water.  Whenever I try that I always make a huge mess, though.  
Simmered until the egg was cooked, but the yolk runny (about 4 minutes).  If you don't like runny yolks you can cook it completely and it will be more like a hard boiled egg consistency.  Or,  if you don't like egg yolks, you might not want to make this salad at all.  
Topped with a few shavings of asiago cheese, this was a delicious lunch!

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  1. i eat a poached egg on spinach every friday morning after my early yoga class. i love it!


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