Monday, March 21, 2011

Gone Fishing and a Cocktail

Not really fishing.  More like pool, tennis and golfing. And sun, glorious sun!  The forecast is for the mid 80s, and I am ready for it! In any case, things will be a little quieter here at at home with ann until next week.  I'll be sharing some recipes from other blogs that look especially delicious, so check back occasionally!

On Saturday night I wanted to kick off vacation with a little cocktail.  I normally reserve rum drinks for summertime, because they remind me of sitting on the deck at the beach watching the waves as the sun goes down.  This night, however, I felt like our upcoming time in the sun warranted an equally sunny drink.

Sunny Rummy
1 part rum (I recommend Mount Gay or random bottle of Blackheart I found in the back of our liquor cabinet)
1 part seltzer
1 part orange juice

Give it a stir and imagine you are someplace warm!

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  1. You KNOW I clicked on this post. You had me at FISHING! What a liar you are. :)


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