Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grilled Salmon to Kick Off Summer

We've been having unseasonably warm temperatures in New England the past few days.  It feels more like July than May, but I will take it.  In honor of the unofficial start to summer, we ate dinner from the grill on our porch last night.  Aside from the fact that our neighbors have inexplicably acquired a bug zapper (Who knew you could still buy those?  Also, who still thinks they work?), it was a wonderful evening.

Our dinner was grilled salmon, grilled corn and wild rice pilaf.  Simple, but fresh and delicious.

Grilled Salmon
After extensive research by our grill master, we opted to go with the aluminum foil approach for the salmon.  We don't have a grilling basket yet, and it looked like it is possible to put fish straight on the grill if it's well oiled, but there is a risk it will break into pieces and your nice dinner will end up in the coals.
We used a very simple technique.  Spray a piece of aluminum foil with cooking spray.  Arrange salmon filet in the middle.  This was .85 pounds, and we ate about half tonight, and I made salmon salad (recipe coming in the next few days!) with the leftovers.  Sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning, folded the foil to make a pocket and grilled about 7 minutes, flipping once.
Served with lemon wedges and a sauce made from plain greek yogurt, lemon juice, diced cucumber and dill (not pictured).

Grilled Corn on the Cob
Another super easy recipe, and if you already have the grill going, a good way to avoid dirtying a pot.  We soaked the shucked ears of corn in water for about 20 minutes, because that is supposed to help them  steam while on the grill, but it's optional.  In aluminum foil again (I'm a poster child for Reynolds Wrap today), put the corn on the diagonal, rub with olive oil, roll and seal the foil.  Keep each ear separate.  In the past, we've made a spiced butter mixture to coat the corn before grilling.  It's good stuff, but takes more prep work.
Put the corn foil packets directly on the grill for about 15-20 minutes.  If you listen closely, you can hear the kernels popping as they cook.
Served with butter, salt, and pepper.  As if there's any other way to serve corn.

The wild rice pilaf was from a box (Near East brand).  I know, I usually eschew boxed side dishes, but I diligently read the ingredients and they were all things I could find myself if I were so inclined.  I was not, so the box won out.

After eating this nice balanced dinner with all the good omega-3s from the salmon, we had one of the best desserts ever.  Fortunately there are leftovers for tonight, but you'll have to come back later this week to see it!


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