Monday, July 9, 2012

Six Months Later

Six Months?!  I know I say this in every update, but it comes as a complete surprise to me that I have a six month old baby.  I think back to when Colin was first born, and we would talk about things that happen at six months, it seemed like ages away.  I think back to last July, when I was just out of my first trimester, finally able to eat things other than egg sandwiches or pb&j, and sharing the news of my pregnancy. 

This month has been a busy one.  Little Mr. Roly Poly never stays in one place anymore.  This made for a couple rough weeks when he would wake up in the night, and then instead of going back to sleep, rolled over onto his tummy and yelled at me until I rescued him.  I'm happy to report he has now also mastered the front to back roll, and things are going much more smoothly.  I don't feel as comfortable leaving him lying on our bed for very long anymore, though, because he rolls and scoots and I'm worried he's going to fall off!  No crawling yet, but he does this hysterical thing where he smashes his face into the ground and then pushes off with his feet into downward facing dog.  It's like he doesn't realize it would be easier to use his arms instead of his face to move.  He'll figure it out, and in the meantime there's a lot of drool everywhere.

He also started solid foods on his 6 month birthday!  We mushed up some banana for him, and let him go to town with it.  It made a huge mess, but some made it into his mouth, and just a few days later he seems to be getting the hang of things.  Next up on the menu - sweet potatoes.  It's so fun to have a new taste tester around, even if he needs a bath after every meal!

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach, which is wonderful.  He likes trying to eat the sand and watching the waves.  He's been up to his waist in the water, and pats it with his hands, but no real swimming yet.  We almost took him in this weekend, but the waves were getting a little big and made loud noises when they crashed and he didn't like that much.  He also did not particularly enjoy the nightly fireworks during the week of the 4th, and as a result, neither did the rest of us.

I know I also say this every month, but every single second of every day I spend with Colin makes me happy.  I can't believe how much I love him.  This unconditional love thing is no joke, and as much as I love my husband, my family and my friends, it doesn't even come close to how I feel about Colin.

Now we're off to the Cape for the day, as soon as I can wrestle his giant legs into his swimsuit.  This is why I go shopping every week...


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